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The 2014 Niagara Flag Rugby Championship Tournament is proudly sponsored by Boardmaster Sawmill.

Location: Grimsby Gentlemen Rugby Club 494 Ridge Rd W, Grimsby, ON

Date: Saturday Aug 16th

Time: 8:30 - 12:00

We will be using the same schedule that we have for the past few tournaments. It is imperative that the teams arrive 15mins prior to their matches so they can warm up and that the games start on time.

If you have difficulty opening the schedule please email me at for another copy.

The tournament will go as follows;
In the junior (jk-gr 2) a division each player will receive a participation ribbon.

In the intermediate and senior divisions only the top three teams will receive medals.
The top three teams will be decided by most overall points. Each win will equal 2 points, a tie 1 point and a loss 0 points. If two teams in medal contention are tied at the end of the tournament then we will add up all the teams points scored and subtract their points scored against to produce a number.  The team with the higher number would become the higher ranked team. If this still causes a tie then the tie breaker will be the score of the match between the two statistically tied squads and the one that won the match will become the higher ranked team.

We will be handing out the peaches at the tournament. We really need a few volunteers to hand out the baskets. We will have a list for you so you can keep track of the orders. 

Once again we will have a canteen at the tournament. As always we appreciate the time given by these wonderful volunteers who help to raise funds for our club. If you would like to volunteer for a few minutes or for the morning please contact Lisa at 

At this tournament you might notice a videographer patrolling the sidelines. We have hired him to create a commercial about flag rugby that we can use to attract new players for 2015. If you would like to be interviewed by the videographer, his name is Alex, please feel free to volunteer your positive opinion about flag rugby.

Grimsby Rugby Club