Flag Rugby Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Flag Rugby?

Flag Rugby is played by pulling the ball carriers flag instead of tackling. This is a fast paced games that encourages participants to pass the ball to teammates once your flag has been pulled. You only have three steps or three seconds to pass the ball after the flag has been removed. Many countries around the world have used variations of this program starting ages of five years old and up. Australia and New Zealand have adult leagues using a variation of Flag Rugby, since without tackling; women can play on a competitive level with men.

How do you play Flag Rugby and how is it similar to other sports?

The rugby ball is shaped like a football. Teammates will run with the ball in their hands, passing the ball among them, looking to run between or around the opposition to score in the end zone. The skills learned are similar to soccer, lacrosse, and basketball, only you don’t dribble the ball with your feet or your hands or carry the ball with a stick. This allows you to work on space (spreading out the offense) and pace (controlling your speed to provide good support, then bursting to score).

Is Flag Rugby played under the same rules and laws as tackle rugby?

No. Flag rugby laws are amended to provide a fun safe opportunity for youths to learn the sport.

Is there kicking in Flag Rugby?

No. We do not allow kicking in the field of play.

Are there special skills necessary to start playing Flag Rugby?

No special skills are necessary to begin. If you can pass a little bit and catch a ball while running, you’ll be a star. Remember, tackling will be replaced with the pull of the flag. You will concentrate on the skills of passing, running, and positional play.

Will Flag Rugby help me in my other sports?

Rugby is excellent preparation for any team sport. The game will get you in excellent shape. You’ll improve your ability to read defenses. Your passing will be vastly improved in your other sports, whether it’s with a stick in lacrosse, your feet in soccer, or yours hands in basketball.

In some sports I play now, I hardly touch the ball. Will that happen in Flag Rugby?

No! Because there are no downs, the ball keeps moving around the field. Everyone touches the ball! Everyone runs with the ball! Everyone passes the ball! The key is to run hard and communicate with your team.

I have multiple children who want to play flag rugby. Will they practice and play on different nights?

All players that belong to a club, for example all Niagara Falls players, will practice on the same night, at the same time and at the same location. Furthermore, all age groups will play in the same tournaments, at the same locations, on the same dates within a reasonable time of one another.

How much does it cost?

It costs $95 per-participant. This fee includes, uniform, insurance, access to rugby equipment, all tournament fees, participant ribbon, coaching and field rental.

How many tournaments are there in a season?

There are five tournaments throughout the season. Clubs that have multiple teams in each division may play a house league schedule as well and those games would be on their practice nights after their training session.